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Most of the hotel and catering businesses were forced to close due to the corona virus pandemic. Falling revenues, the cost of keeping workforce hoping to ‘survive’ and paying rent for the premises have put businesses in a precarious situation. As it is unpredictable what phases the pandemic will have and how long they will last, the sector must prepare for an operation mode that is sustainable in the long run from an economic and public health perspective.

How to respond to trust deficit

The nature of the pandemic has triggered a trust deficit oin the target audience especially when it comes to places and services like catering and tourism where a lot of people gather in small places. Although with the easing of the pandemic, the urge to consume overrode caution, one should not disregard the worrying trends abroad and the fact that despite the pandemic situation relenting in Hungary, it is unpredictable how it will develop in the future. A negative change is bound to have an impact on consumer trust.

Purpose of the certification

The purpose of the COVID-19 CONTROL certification programme and the underlying professional guideline is to provide businesses with a certified system with which they can prove a uniform operation involving all aspects of catering towards the guests that abates the fear of going to open and public places and that restores consumer trust. This, in turn, accelerates a positive shift of economic processes.


The content of the certification has been put together by doctors, public health inspectors and food engineer experts. The content of the materials has been submitted to the respective authority for opinion. We take samples from different surfaces for lab testing and we use on-site rapid tests (ATP) to check the efficiency of protective measures.

The certification procedure is free of charge

Our certification programme does not serve any commercial purposesWe believe it is time to join forces not to do business. Acting on this belief we provide the certification and the consultation related to improvements freely, as a gesture of good will.

Distinguished by certification

The COVID-19 CONTROL certification system is chosen by those who are committed towards their customers’ safety. Participation in the programme is voluntary and is free of obligations. The certification system stipulates measures, processes and control mechanisms that go beyond statutory requirements. Consequently, consumers can be in a provenly safe and controlled environment while they are using the services.

The COVID-19 CONTROL certification programme assures the customer of a uniform and safe operation, throughout the entirety of the hospitality sector, which abates the fear of spending time in public and social places, and helps keep or restore customer confidence. Furthermore, it distinguishes the business from an objective safety point of view.

Certification levels::

COVID Kontroll COVID Kontroll plusz

The reason why there are different levels of certification is because we do not want to exclude those businesses which, due to their economic situation, cannot carry the additional financial burden associated with the certification procedure. In other words: any company can become certified if they are committed and fulfil the requirements set forth in the certification guideline. The difference between the levels of certification: is the lab testing of samples taken from surfaces, tools and persons, as well as the testing of staff for COVID-19.

Certification costs

The first certification is free of charge. Only the cost of lab test tools and the call-out fee must be paid by the business. (Call-out fee: HUF 12500, sampling fee) (depending on the number of sampling: HUF 5.0000-10.000 között. COVID-19 rapid test from blood (approved by OGYÉI - National Institute of Pharmacy and Nutrition), costing as much as the purchase price: HUF 4.790/test (testing for COVID-19 with rapid test is only required in the case of higher-level certification.)



Short description of our certification programme: Aim, requirements, validity, level of certification



The handbook helps you prepare for safe re-opening as well as for operation during the pandemic.



The checklist contains all the aspects we check during the certification programme.


Certified units


Protecting consumer trust – protecting the brand

Having food safety processes of business under control equals protecting the reputation of businesses. FOODWILL is a unique food safety concept (technology, approach, know-how, certification), which has everything to help uphold the goodwill of businesses.

FOODWILL paradigm shift in food safety

Having gone through hundreds of food safety audits, we think that the overcomplicated HACCP systems, which are indecipherable for the operators do not serve any purpose and only cause damage. We have understood why training without practice is no good. We have revealed the serious shortcomings and mistakes hiding behind administrative compliance and how they can put the future of business and the safety of consumers in jeopardy. So, we haveve decided to rethink everything.

We have simplified the overcomplicated regulatory systems. We provide training combining theory and practice after knowledge assessment. The measures we propose after revealing the shortcomings during the audit are based on our experience gained from operation practice.

foodwill concept >
FOODWILL approach

1.) Dedication: We are not consultants but developers.

This means we do not plan HACCP system only to be ‘shelved’ and we do not give training only to get a signature you need. Our purpose is to make business go beyond administrative safety and arrive at a controlled monitoring level.

2.) From dedicated people to committed people

We are committed to improving food safety levels within the sector. To this end:

  • We develop target software: eHACCP / ONIR, eCleaning, Safety Inspector which all facilitate faster, safer and more authentic monitoring processes while also increasing the efficiency of documentation tasks.
  • Professional staff: comprises physicians, food engineers, catering business operators
  • Cooperation with authorities: we entered into a strategic partnership with NÉBIH to improve the inter-chain food safety level.

  • Gestures of goodwill:

    - free certification audit
    - free serologic testing for COVID-19 (rapid test)
    - free COVID-19 CONTROL certification audit
    - free audit
    - free user of the ONIR system (as long as the pandemic lasts)

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Authenticity of FOODWILL

Our partners are responsible businesses committed to food safety. This commitment is essential to us. We are only interested in a cooperation where the business owner’s purpose goes beyond complying with regulations on paper and where the HACCP or self-review system is not ordered for the sake of having one but because the business wants to operate in a consciously monitored and certified food safety environment.


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